Report: Marketer's Guide to Mobile Engagement 2014

With mobile advertising on the fast track to becoming a $100 billion a year industry, it’s no secret that brands need to establish a powerful mobile presence. But mobile is so much more than just another marketing channel—it’s a unique platform with unique potential. And marketers and advertisers who want to generate the highest possible ROI from their mobile ad spend (i.e. get the most out of that $100 billion a year) need to understand how to fully leverage that unique potential to create mobile engagement that will actually influence consumer behavior.

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Interactive Conversations Mobile Engagement enables a two-way conversation between customer and brand

What Is Mobile Engagement?

As part of the Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Engagement 2014, we collected real-world data based on more than 2,300 individual campaigns reported by FunMobility clients regarding the varying success rates they experienced using different tactics employed along the entire spectrum of mobile engagement:

    Building Brand Awareness
      Keys to optimal mobile advertising
      Integrating mobile into all other marketing channels

    Post-Click Engagement

      Creating a rich and rewarding mobile experience
      Leveraging GPS to drive traffic

    Remarketing and Re-Engagement

    The Evolution of Mobile Engagement

      Where is the industry at right now?
      What can you expect in the future?

Mobile Engagement through Gamification Mobile engagement through gamification has proven especially successful

Mobile Engagement: Best Practices

Armed with this data, we illuminate the current state of the industry, and provide techniques for getting the most out of:

    SMS Text-to-Join Promotions
    Mobile Coupon Design
    Remarketing via SMS and Push Notifications
    TCPA Legal Compliance

Best Practices - Remarketing via SMS and Push Notifications Properly timing SMS messages and push notifications sent to mobile opt-ins is vital for maximizing conversion and avoiding opt-outs

How To Make the Choices That Are Right For You

We also compare the potential value and challenges inherent to the numerous mobile options currently available to marketers and advertisers:

    Rich Media Mobile Ads vs. Static Banner Ads
    SMS Text-to-Join vs. QR Codes vs. EZ Opt-In vs. Downloading an App
    Mobile Engagement in Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web

Apps vs. Mobile Web Evaluating the Pros and Cons of mobile engagement delivered via Apps vs. The Mobile Web

The Marketer's Guide to Mobile Engagement 2014 provides a comprehensive understanding of what mobile engagement is, and how you can make it work for you.

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