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FunMobility Photo Booth Ad Units

FunMobility is proud to announce the release of its new and improved Photo Booth Ad Units, combining all the fun of a novelty photo-editing app with the branding power and targeting capabilities of a mobile media campaign.

A recent study by Mitek Systems underscores just how much of consumers' mobile behavior revolves around the camera:

  • 91% agree that the mobile camera is important or "very important"
  • 87% use their mobile camera every week
  • The camera ranked third for "favorite" mobile feature--just behind apps and internet

It goes without saying that the mobile camera can be a powerful addition to your advertising toolbox, and FunMobility's new ad units make it easier than ever. We've now added even deeper customization features for advertisers, and more powerful photo manipulation options for consumers.

Here’s how they work:

Once a consumer clicks into the Photo Booth, they choose from a selection of custom-branded “frames” to play with. They can either snap a photo of themselves right then and there (using the mobile camera), or they can upload and manipulate existing images from their photo album/hard drive.

Photo Booth Ad Units FunMobility Photo Booth Ad Units, by FunMobility

When the photo booth image has been created, users are prompted to share their work to social: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Photos can also be downloaded or shared to social circles via email.


Photo Booth Ad Units Results - FunMobility The majority of consumers who click through are creating and sharing custom branded images

The new Photo Booth Ad Units have shown outstanding initial results, with 70% of users creating photos after clicking-in, and more than 50% of all photos being shared to social. Consumer engagement and dwell time has been high as well, with each unique user averaging 6.2 separate engagement events per session.

  • 70% of consumers who clicked-through used the photo maker
  • 6.2 engagement events per unique user
  • Powerful Emotional Response

The social sharing aspect allows the reach of the campaign to spread far beyond the initial media buy or SMS blast. Because the content is something created by the consumers themselves, sharing is far more widespread--and generates markedly more personal and more emotional responses from the user’s social network than traditional marketing.

  • More than half of all photos created are shared socially
  • More than ¼ of all traffic to Photo Booth Ad Units comes from consumers who discovered them on shared social media.

Photo Booth Ad Units Movie Poster Transform consumers into a participating part of your brand story

The secret to this success lies in the Ad Units’ ability to transform consumers into brand advocates--bringing them into the creative process, and giving them a simple outlet to design and share humorous & emotionally powerful branded media. It combines all the best qualities of user generated content and targeted digital ad campaigns.

Mock up carnival-style cutouts, place the consumer’s face alongside celebrities in movie posters and album covers, or simply set the scene—transforming ordinary vacation photos into digital post cards, or giving little leaguers their very own branded baseball cards.

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