How to Increase Lead Generation with Demo Stations

Lead Generation - Mobile Integration With Events & Demo Stations

Adding a simple mobile call-to-action into sponsored events or in-store sampling stations is an extremely effective way to drive lead gen. Include an incentivised SMS call to action on any print collateral, and as a part of the brand representative’s conversation script.



Lead Generation In Store Demo Stations Turn in store demo stations into an engine for lead generation

Email capture

In addition to growing your SMS list, it’s easy to integrate email capture into the process. Just gate content with a mobile-optimized form to collect email & whatever other CRM data you desire.


Sample user flow:

  1. John the Consumer demos a product.
  2. The rep encourages John to text “KEYWORD” to “SHORT CODE” in return for digital content.
  3. John receives a text message linking him to a lead gen form. He submits his email address.
  4. John receives his digital content.


Collect more data over time

The amount of information consumers will be willing to share is directly proportional to the value of the content they are trying to access. Remember, you don’t need to collect every intimate detail about your audience right off the bat. The more personal data you require, the steeper the dropoff rate will be for opt-ins.


Once you’ve opted the consumer into an ongoing SMS or email CRM program, you can strategically collect more and more user metadata from them over time as you serve additional content.


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