Press Release: Top Minds In Mobile/Industry Leaders Share Exclusive Insights


Thought Leaders & Industry Experts Come Together To Share Insights Around Revolutionizing the Mobile Space

May 21, 2015 — Time to re-think your relationship with the most versatile marketing medium in history. Leading mobile visionaries come together for an exclusive, first-ever piece highlighting powerful insights and experiences. You have a front seat to the most provocative minds in mobile.


Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine’s Deputy Managing Editor, summarizes perfectly, “It’s hard to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history with which so many developed so close a relationship so quickly as we have with our phones.” Mobile phones and devices have changed our lives, from the way we interact with each other to how we emotionally connect with the brands we love. Now marketing has a more meaningful connection, bringing emotion to each engagement.



At the forefront of this revolution is FunMobility™ — one of the top firms in the industry — known for their award-winning marketing innovations. For an upcoming campaign to promote one of the most anticipated movies of the year, FunMobility will be fusing the physical world with virtual engagement; connecting brand to audience (B2A) in the most imaginative way possible.


FunMobility, presenting on this transformative new mobile first marketing approach at the 3M Innovation Center this June, specializes in creating engagement at every touch point. Mobile’s unique role as a fixed point along the entire consumer journey offers brands the ability to connect with people on a level of reach, frequency, and personalization never before possible or even imagined.


Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobiliy shares, “Marketers that put mobile first will have incredible advantages. They will simultaneously enhance all forms of media, be more relevant to their customers, and get unique and accurate audience information. Mobile enables engagement at every touch point through a highly personal device that truly matters to consumers.”


Michael J. Becker, Mobile Icon and Managing Partner at mCordis shares, “Looking forward, mobile will be about servicing people in what we refer to as the ‘connected life.’ By 2020, we will have 6 to 10 connected devices in our lives. Connected devices, and the related engagements and experiences, are both the creator and beneficiary of data.”


If you aren’t fully leveraging the most powerful tool available, you need to re-think your marketing strategy. Inside the Top Minds In Mobile, you’ll hear first-hand from leading brand marketers, top CEO’s, consultants and other known experts. Join the visionaries and experience the next level of mobile engagement.


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About FunMobility
FunMobility is an award-winning B2A Mobile Engagement Platform, powering measurable mobile connections between brand and audience. Going beyond apps, ads, and standard mobile websites, FunMobility delivers innovative & interactive campaigns that extend reach and provide new dimensions of audience data at every touch point.. Established in 1999, FunMobility is privately held and headquartered in Pleasanton, California. More information is available at For Sales inquiries, please call toll-free (855) 849-4900 or email

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