New EZ Opt-in is a Game-Changer for Driving Mobile Opt-Ins

increase mobile opt-in list

A mobile opt-in has enormous value for retailers and online businesses. But getting customers to opt-in while staying legally compliant is a huge logistical and creative challenge – until now.

FunMobility customers told us they needed a faster, easier way to obtain a customer’s mobile phone number on a TCPA-compliant opted-in basis. And the new EZ Opt-In SmartWidget was born.

This is a real game-changer!

The EZ Opt-In SmartWidget dramatically reduces the time and effort required to obtain customer information for both the consumer, and your employees. EZ Opt-In is flexible, and can be launched as a dedicated POS kiosk, on your employee’s phone as a web page, or sent to your customers via SMS or email.

Using an SMS Loyalty Kiosk, or an employee held phone, removes the barrier where customers are required to text in a keyword to short code in order to opt into a campaign. By deploying a tablet or touch screen kiosk at your counter the customer engages at the kiosk while they wait in the check out line for example, and they can simply tap their cell phone number into the EZ Opt-in SmartWidget to join your mobile loyalty rewards program. Quick and easy!

As a business marketer, you understand that each mobile opt-in can be worth $300, or more. Our new EZ Opt-In SmartWidget can boost your mobile opt-in rate by over 200%. These fully customizable SmartWidget enable you to send custom mobile coupons, offers, circulars, and announcements.

Consumers prefer receiving opt-in mobile offers, and the convenience of mobile coupons instantly. Now, with our game-changing EZ Opt-in SmartWidget, you can offer your mobile loyalty programs and initiatives, quickly and conveniently.

increase mobile opt-in list

Key Features:

No more ‘text-to-join’
The EZ Opt-In SmartWidget provides a quick, convenient solution – you just need a mobile phone, or tablet! Simply enter the customers phone number and they are signed up – It’s really that easy!

Brand Customized
The EZ Opt-In SmartWidget can be completely customized with your brand logo, colors, and layout.

Delivery thru any device or platform
The EZ Opt-In SmartWidget is a flexible, HTML5 SmartWidget. Offering you the flexibility and robust features to launch on over 200 iOS, Android phone and tablet devices.

On your employee’s phone
Simply bookmark, enabling your employees the ability to opt-in a customer to your loyalty list anytime, and anywhere

Integrated in email
EZ Opt-In can be integrated into emails, enabling you to capture mobile phone numbers on an opt-in basis.

Integrated in SMS
Attach to mobile notifications to get a permanent, TCPA-compliant mobile opt-in.

In your existing mobile websites
Convert your mobile traffic into mobile opt-ins!

There has never been a better time to work with FunMobility as a part of your successful customer loyalty program. Learn more about this latest addition to our SmartWidget family, and all the great features of FunMobility Mobile Promotion Software. Get a free demo today!


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