Case Study: Chiquita Newsletter Sees 4x Performance Boost

Personalized Email Experiences

Learn how Chiquita’s email team used contact-level tracking, interactive recipes, and user-generated photo contests to drive:

  • 400% Higher Email Open Rates
  • 180% Higher Click Rates
  • More relevant, higher-converting content

After using the FunMobility DXP to successfully double their number of newsletter subscribers, Chiquita needed a way to capitalize on this new, larger audience. The brand integrated DXP with their email platform, segmenting their database and serving personalized monthly experiences that increased open rates by 4x.


Experiences included:

  • Personalized, Interactive Recipes
  • User-Generated Branded Photo Contests
  • Store Finders
  • Fun & Games

“FunMobility’s unique combination of technology and creativity is driving fantastic brand engagement and retention results for Chiquita.”

-Rob Adams, Director of Marketing and Channel Sales | Chiquita


Click here to view the case study:


Chiquita Newsletter Case Study


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