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Advertising To Millennials

Study: Advertising to Millennials

When developing your strategy for advertising to millennials—especially young millennials (born after 1993)—mobile ads should be the core pillar, not an afterthought. While it’s true that consumers of all ages are using mobile as an ...

Mobile Video Ads Best Practices

Mobile Video Ads Best Practices

Mobile video ads are seeing a surge in popularity in the wake of various studies showing markedly improved performance vs. static media ads. izideo reports that 57% of consumers consciously acknowledge that they are more likely ...

FunMobility Updates – Gated Mobile Ads

FunMobility is proud to announce several key improvements to its mobile advertising platform, incorporating additional functionality and customization features for campaigns, enhanced reporting, and a smoother user interface. Build Your Mobile Loyalty List With Gated ...

Mobile Advertising Trends Report 2014

Report: Mobile Advertising Trends 2014

Those who don’t keep up with the latest mobile advertising trends are headed for extinction. A worldwide explosion of mobile ad budgets has sparked a dramatic evolution of technology, standards, and best practices. Consumers of ...


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