FunMobility Updates – Gated Mobile Ads

FunMobility is proud to announce several key improvements to its mobile advertising platform, incorporating additional functionality and customization features for campaigns, enhanced reporting, and a smoother user interface.

Build Your Mobile Loyalty List With Gated Promotions

Advertisers now have the option to customize any mobile ad campaign to collect a consumer’s mobile phone number. Shortly after a FunMobility custom mobile landing page loads on the user’s device, a configurable Mobile Opt-In Gate pops up—requiring the consumer to subscribe to a mobile loyalty program in return for access to the promotion being displayed.

Consumers who opt-in can be re-engaged again and again via SMS campaigns, all manageable on the FunMobility Platform.

Improved Reporting

Mobile opt-ins are now easier to track than ever, thanks to improved reporting features built into the FunMobility dashboard. It’s possible to generate comprehensive opt-in and opt-out reports, correlating re-engagement success to individual promotions and SMS blasts.

Advertisers can gain additional insights into their audience with detailed lists that collate all captured data from every individual consumer. Now future campaigns can be further optimized by tracking which mobile ads and promotions performed best across different audience segments.

Additional Updates

  • Improved white-labeling for mobile coupons and offers users save to email
  • More robust tracking capabilities for Custom Mobile Landing Pages
  • Full mapping of consumer interaction pathways across Promotion Pages
  • Improved database monitoring for greater stability

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