Brentwood Ace Hardware Succeeds with Mobile Promotions

Mobile will be the focus of customer loyalty in 2014, and opting consumers to mobile promotions will play a key role in running successful mobile marketing campaigns.

According to the Internet Trends Report, mobile as a part of the marketing ad spend mix accounts for only 3% of marketer’s ad spend. The perceived and actual complexities and risks of mobile has made marketers slow to act.  However, there are bold marketers out there who have realized the potential of mobile for their business.  They’re reaping the benefits of being early movers, as they get a head start in growing their mobile opt-in list.

Watch the above testimonial video of Jodie Larson, Advertising Manager at Brentwood ACE Hardware and an early mover who integrated mobile into their greater marketing strategy.

In just their second month of using mobile coupons, Brentwood ACE Hardware grew their mobile loyalty list by 545% and increased their average basket size to over $90!

Here is just a sample of the successful results that Brentwood Ace Hardware obtained with the FunMobility Mobile Promotions software:

  1. Loyalty list growth: 545%
  2. 494 total redemptions in 30 days
  3. An 80% Redemption Rate
  4. A 59% Clip Rate
  5. A 35% reactivation rate (response to follow up message)

We were excited, but to see the customer excited about us initiating saving them money is huge.  They were very appreciative…it’s a good feeling to help people save money and now the customers are telling their friends.

-Jodie Larson, Advertising Manager Brentwood Ace Hardware

Consumers want to receive mobile optimized coupons and promotion offers direct to their mobile device. Now is the time to bridge the gap between you customer preference and your marketing priorities. Find out how with a free demo today!


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