Lucky Spinner: Your Key to Mobile Customer Loyalty Strategy Success

Increase customer loyalty by sending them rewards with spinner smartwidget

Customer loyalty programs are a key part of the mobile marketing landscape, going beyond awareness-building and one-off promotions. Building customer loyalty, however, is a science, driven by behavioral psychology, that couples a desired behavior with an immediate reward.

Mobile is the perfect medium to increase customer loyalty. A recent report shows mobile devices to be key to retail marketing growth, with smartphone paid search spend increasing 542% year-over-year.

As a retail marketer, you must have a mobile customer loyalty program to drive sales by enabling ongoing communications, relationship-building, and value generation with customers.

The FunMobility Lucky Spinner SmartWidget helps power your customer loyalty mobile marketing campaigns with fast, fun mobile promotions, and provides customers the ability to “win” mobile coupons, or any mobile web-based content. Lucky Spinner gives you a reason to engage your customer with a short, fun experience that ends in a reward.

Lucky Spinner rewards increase customer engagement, strengthen loyalty, reduce churn, and influence customer behavior. Lucky Spinner creates an interactive and sometimes even addictive mobile experience. It encourages customer interaction with mobile games to win points that can be redeemed for special coupons and discounts in-store or online.

The FunMobility Lucky Spinner SmartWidget works on any iOS, Android or Tablet device without the need for an app download. Lucky Spinner can be sent to a mobile device via email, SMS or linked to any mobile website. This powerful tool enables you to drive improved click-through rates, customer engagement, and brand retention.

Key Benefits

Drive Consumer Engagement
Lucky Spinner outputs a flexible, configurable promotional mobile web page that drives consumer engagement and action.

Customization Options
Instantly update background, wedge art, call to action and reward messages and prize URLs.

Works with any FunMobility Mobile Coupon or SmartWidget

Lucky Spinner can be combined with FunMobility Mobile Coupons and other SmartWidgets for distinctive, branded mobile promotion experiences.

Lucky Spinner ‘Wedge’ Control
Choose a first, second, third and fourth place “prize”

Everybody’s a Winner
Every customer eventually “wins” a coupon or other form of promotion.

Email, Social and SMS Compatibility
Lucky Spinner make sure it works with all major SMS, email and social services like Facebook and Twitter, and is 100% compatible with FunMobility Mobile Coupons.

Mobile customer loyalty strategies are not just an efficient way to reach today’s digitally-savvy consumer, but also the most relevant way to engage with them. You build brand trust, can track the effectiveness of your marketing messages, and grow you business. This is one of the, if not ‘the’, most important channels in the retail purchase cycle, and is proving to be an effective driver in attaining brand loyalty and affinity.

Why FunMobility?

As an industry leader in mobile promotions, FunMobility’s flexible, mobile solutions provide a web-based solution with no downloads needed. Add this fun, new customer loyalty Lucky Spinner SmartWidget to your mobile marketing toolbox and watch your customer loyalty list grow!

There has never been a better time to start using the FunMobility Promo as a part of a successful mobile customer loyalty program. Learn more about the Lucky Spinner SmartWidget, the new FunMobility Mobile Promotion Software, and our other successful customer loyalty programs. Speak with our friendly, expert service team to get a free demo today!


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