FunMobility Unveils a New Look at Mobile Coupons and Brand Loyalty

FunMobility unveils a New Look

10 years ago, we built the FunMobility brand around our passion for driving engaging mobile solutions across retail, entertainment, event & content publishing industries. Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new website reflecting an updated look and focus in line with modern mobile brand loyalty.

In speaking with hundreds of companies over the years, a persistent theme we come across has been the constant challenge of creating brand-quality mobile engagement experiences. Many brands launch marketing campaigns that simply aren’t effective on mobile, or that don’t have an effective long-term consumer engagement and brand loyalty strategy. The other major trend is the emergence of high-quality mobile coupon and brand loyalty industries. Heading up the Mobile Marketing Association’s Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Standard committee (MoCAUS) opened our eyes of the demand of creating, publishing and tracking high-quality mobile coupon campaigns at scale.

Mobile Coupons and Brand Loyalty go hand-in-hand.  We believe mobile coupons are at the intersection of brand-driven mobile consumer engagement and advertising. We’ve made new Mobile Coupon AppWidgets that run responsively across hundreds of iOS, Android and Tablet devices, making it easy for brands, agencies and retailers to make mobile coupons and brand loyalty an integral part of their marketing toolbox.

Given all of this, we decided it was time to update how we present ourselves. We’re going for a vibe that reflects what the FunMobility brand is all about, which is our experience, creativity, trustworthiness and playfulness. We want our brand to feel “true and new” – meaning authentic and fresh.

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