ROI Formula – Mobile Ads & Tap-To-Call

ROI Formula Mobile Ads Tap To Call

Here’s a straightforward ROI formula for calculating your returns from mobile display ad campaigns that feature tap-to-call functionality. We’ll be posting additional ROI formulas down the road to help you calculate the value of different types of mobile ad campaigns. When it comes to tap-to-call campaigns, the discussion usually begins and ends with paid search advertising—but the integration of tap-to-call buttons in rich media display ads is a simple way to add measurable value.

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As a primer, here are some of the benefits of Tap-To-Call Mobile Ads:

Tap-To-Call Ads Excel At…

  1. One campaign drives both awareness and direct response
  2. Low friction way to directly connect consumers to your brand
  3. Leverage the natural feature set of mobile devices
  4. Capture registrations, reservations, or provide price quotes
  5. Create quick conversions with upsell potential
  6. 6-8% average increase in CTR (Click Through Rate) compared to standard search ads
ROI Formula - Tap To Call Ad Units

ROI Formula – Tap To Call Ad Units combine the branding and targeting of a display ad with the conversion potential of a phone call

ROI Formula: Mobile Ads With “Tap-To-Call”

With display advertising, there is going to be additional ROI from things like the brand value and product awareness generated through audiences engaging with the creative. In other words, this formula does not paint the full picture for ROI from a rich media display ad campaign as a whole—it is merely a way to calculate the isolated value of the tap-to-call feature within the ad.

To calculate ROI, you’ll need to know 5 things about your campaign:

  1. # of clicks on the initial display ad, revealing the Tap-To-Call button – (.4% of impressions, average)
  2. # of calls placed from within the ad unit (this is trackable with FunMobility’s reporting suite)
  3. Total # of conversions generated through phone calls within a fixed period of time
  4. Total # of phone calls received within the same fixed period of time
  5. Average dollar value for conversions generated through a phone call.

Now you’re ready to calculate ROI:

ROI Formula Mobile Ads Tap To Call

Here’s a simple ROI Formula to calculate the value of Mobile Ads with a Tap To Call feature

Here’s the formula on its own:

[(# calls from ad/# clicks on ad x CTR)(# conversions/# calls x $ avg. conversion)1000]/CPM=ROI


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