How to Create a Timed Coupon

Timed Coupons Drive Redemption

Watch Daniel Lyon, Product Designer at FunMobility, as he guides you through the process to easily set up a timed coupon using FunMobility’s Mobile Promotion Software.

Why Timed Coupons?

Mobile commerce has exploded in recent years, and mobile coupons are responsible for much of this growth. Statistically, mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more than print coupons and the number of mobile coupon users is expected to reach 53.2 million in 2014.

What have you found to be one the biggest challenge with your mobile coupon marketing strategy? Many mobile marketers believe it is coupon abuse.

The most common mobile coupon abuse seen by retailers and in ecommerce is when intended single-use mobile coupons are used multiple times. With an expiration date far in the future, some consumers find it hard to resist repeat usage for extra savings. Others feel compelled to share the savings with their friends or upload the offer to coupon sharing sites.

Until now, the only way a marketer could fight the abuse of their coupons was to rely on print offers collected at redemption or to have a point of sale (POS) system to govern redemptions through the use of dynamic coupon codes.

Unfortunately, this left the vast majority of marketers out of luck when it comes to tracking and the use of high converting mobile coupons.

Enter Timed Coupons

FunMobility Timed Coupons are the perfect solution to save you time, save your customers money, prevent abuse, and make your customers advocates for redemption.

To redeem a timed coupon, consumers activate the offer, which reveals the coupon code for a finite window of time. Once the “live” countdown timer is up, the offer disappears and can’t be activated again. With “live” timed coupons, it becomes impossible for consumers to reuse by taking screenshots, or sharing the URL with others.

How this benefits you

You regain control of your coupon distribution, and your customers move faster to redeem their coupons before time runs out. The customer saves money, you save time policing your coupons, and you make money!

Key Benefits

  • Timer Equipped – Customers are notified that, upon activating this particular type of coupon, they will have limited time to redeem it.
  • Self-Destructing – When the coupon runs out of time, the experience will automatically change into a void coupon, which will let the consumer know it has expired.
  • Tracking and Reporting – Timed Mobile Coupons impression, clips and redemptions can be tracked and represented in the FunMobility SaaS Platform.
  • List Growth Enabled – Timed Mobile Coupons are equipped with opt-in mechanics to expand the acquisition footprint of your loyalty database.
  • Location Capable – Location Finder allows consumers to use 10 closest redemption points from where they are currently located.
  • Flexible Redemption – Whether your POS system has a scanner or requires manual key-in, and support static and dynamic codes in QR, UPC, PDF-417 and Text options.

Put it all together

Once you have a marketing promotion objective and plan in place, it’s time to connect best practices with your objectives and create these timed mobile coupons. With the easy-to-use FunMobility Mobile Coupons, your mobile promotion marketing campaigns will up and running in no time. Remember, unlike other SMS mobile solutions, FunMobility Mobile Coupons are built to support leading industry standards and best practices, and are TCPA compliant.

For more information, and for a free demo, get in touch with one of our mobile specialists today!


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