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Mobile Coupon Promo Slider

Watch Hudson George, VP of Product at FunMobility describe our easy-to-use mobile promotion software, guiding you through all of the easy steps to create a customized mobile promotion slider that can grow your audience, engage them through mobile promotions, while providing important conversion insights for your mobile marketing efforts.

In our previous blog, How to Create a Mobile Coupon, we shared how easy it is to create a mobile coupon with the FunMobility Mobile Promotion Software. In this video, you learn how this technology leverages game mechanics built right into the FunMobility mobile promo slider. You also learn how to use the correct naming conventions, organize your mobile promo slider campaigns, and best practices to increase audience growth and engagement.

Why use the Mobile Promo Slider?

The FunMobility promo slider displays multiple promotions in a more interesting and engaging way.

Your audience can choose from any mobile offer you’ve already created with a single click, and you can add as many as you’d like. They’ll be automatically presented to your customers, who can then browse your promotions with a simple swipe. If your offer is a coupon, your customers can clip the coupons, or optionally redeem them immediately with integrated bar codes. They can also add store locations to make it easy for your customers to find the closest store the offer can be redeemed at.

Delivering multiple choices in a single promo gives you flexibility in your offers, and provides a convenient choice for your audience.

Key Benefits

The FunMobility promo slider is easy to use allowing your audience to make quick and easy selections of the offers they prefer with a simple swipe, and tap to redeem the best option for them.

With detailed analytics on your customers preferences, you now have the power to learn and understand precisely what your audience interests are, giving you the opportunity to send better choices and benefits to engage them on a personal level. Optional bar codes make redemption of multiple coupons a breeze. You can also show fliers, links to videos, and just about anything else required to grow your mobile loyalty opt-ins.

The Bottom Line

Mobile promo sliders are easy to create, providing a fun audience interactivity, with fluid swiping to encourage engagement with mobile offers. Multiple redemption methods means you can choose to let your audience clip mobile coupons, or display a barcode with a single tap. With the insights provided, you learn which offers your audience prefers, which product they want, and which coupons provide the highest conversion, amongst other things.

This increases the potential for your sales to multiply by matching offer to interest, and enabling your customers to receive relevant mobile offers.

And, unlike other SMS mobile solutions, FunMobility mobile promo sliders are built to support leading industry standards and best practices, and are TCPA compliant.

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