Latest News: Mobile Commerce Statistics – Upsetting the Shopping Cart

Mobile Commerce Statistics Headlines

Mobile Commerce Statistics – Recent Headlines

A slew of recent headlines have been highlighting mobile commerce statistics that really hammer home just how massive an impact mobile spending is having on both eCommerce and brick and mortar retail. Here are some of the top stories on the topic:

Why your company should start thinking about mobile commerce right now

By Matt Asay (@mjaysay)

Companies still struggling to figure out how to make their billions from mobile apps probably need to pivot. Sure, you could strike it rich with the next Candy Crush—but you almost certainly won’t… Read more at TechRepublic

Traditional retailers crush ecommerce giants in omnichannel shopping

By Chantal Tode (@MCommerceDaily)

Ecommerce retailers such as Amazon and eBay are doubling down on mobile-driven omnichannel shopping experiences, but struggle to deliver the same level of convenience that traditional retailers can harness and which smartphone-equipped shoppers are demanding… Read more at Mobile Commerce Daily

Smartphones take traffic and sales from other shopping devices

By Thad Rueter (@IR_Magazine)

Smartphones account for more e-commerce orders and traffic worldwide, with shoppers using tablets and personal computers less often, according to the latest Demandware Shopping Index… Read more at Internet Retailer

UK becomes second biggest m-commerce market in the World

By Paul Tissington (@shopsafe)

The UK is turning into a leading light when it comes to mobile shopping, with 46 per cent of all online purchases now carried out via smartphones or tablets, according to a new report from Criteo… Read more at ShopSafe

Consumers to spend £9.3bn shopping on mobile while they commute, study finds

By Paul Skeldon (@Mrskeldon)

‘Commuter Commerce’ now accounts for £9.3bn each year, as consumers take advantage of faster mobile browsing speeds, and the increasing availability of WIFI on public transport, to shop between stops on their smartphones and tablets… Read more at Internet Retailing


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