Create the Perfect Mobile Coupon Campaign

Now that you’ve decided to create a mobile coupon campaign, let’s make it rock! Here are some tips for using mobile coupons to increase mobile loyalty and sales.

Simple is best, and so is transparency
People appreciate understanding something quickly and easily. Sure—clever is fun, but don’t sacrifice clarity. Include the fine print so there is no question about exclusions and opt-out procedures. Remember, you want to gain their trust.

Do they really want it?
Consider who your customers are—age, buying habits, location, etc. A hefty discount on surfboards probably wouldn’t go over that big in Ohio.

Timing is everything
Consider when your customers are most likely to want to receive messages from you. Most people wouldn’t appreciate a marketing message in the middle of the night. And if your mobile coupon is for half-price cocktails after 10pm, why bring it up on a Monday morning when most people are just waking up?

In addition to when to send your offers, there is also the redemption window to consider. If people are given a limited amount of time to redeem, they are more likely to act on it—rather than face the chance of ‘missing out’ on a good thing.

And don’t forget about frequency. If you bombard your customers with mobile coupon offers, you risk annoying them and losing their mobile loyalty. Another possibility is that they will wait for a coupon before returning to your store. You don’t want that either.

On the other hand, you want to keep the momentum. Two to four offers a month is a good way to politely keep your brand top of customers’ minds

Get the word out
You can have the best offer in the world, but if no one knows about it—it’s not doing anyone any good. Incorporate mobile coupons into all your existing marketing campaigns (print, digital, and media). That means in-store signs, buttons that your employees can wear, Facebook posts, email, etc. Pull out the stops!

Optimize your coupons
Pay attention to results and customer feedback. If one or more of your campaigns is doing so much better than the others, why not put your focus on that type of offer and let go of the ones that aren’t doing that well.

Reward your mobile loyalty customers
Ask your customers to opt-in to receive mobile coupons through social media outreach, in-store displays and direct employee interaction. And once they’ve opted in, reward them with special discounts and offers. Create a campaign-specific landing page or a redirect code that links mobile traffic to a page optimized for mobile engagement. It’s not just what you’re offering that’s important—it’s your customers feel engaging with your brand.

If you have good ideas you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Write your comments below or visit us on Facebook and make your comment there!


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