eBook: How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile Promotions

“Marketers need mobile excellence in a multi-channel world. Specifically they need to define how their mobile offering will be different for their consumers. Unfortunately, they use their own frame of reference for mobile and this puts them two years behind.” Louis Gump, CEO of LSN Mobile

Customer loyalty is a key pillar to growing your business, and transforms the traditional customer/business relationship. Mobile promotions empower businesses to unlock long-term revenue growth, making employees’ jobs easier and more satisfying, creating happier employees, feeding back into higher customer satisfaction in a virtuous circle.

Every business wants a long-term customer, but what are the characteristics of long-term customers, why are long-term customers critical to your business and how does mobile promotion marketing fit into the multi-channel marketing world?

Our new eBook shows you how to stand out in front of your target consumer, simplifying and streamlining mobile promotion strategies that increases customer loyalty.

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Topics include:

The mobile marketing model: grow, engage, convert, and measure

The keys to growing mobile opt-in list of loyal customers, engaging your audience with mobile web promotions, converting your audience with coupons, offers, and geo-promotions, and measuring the results.

The 7 great things about long-term customers

How the mobile marketing model translates into free ‘word of mouth’ promotions and referrals, increasing sales through high-margin ancillary or supplemental products, and lowering service costs, while increasing customer satisfaction.

How to build relationships and the benefits of mobile

Leverage mobile promotions as a part of multi-channel marketing; building relationships, and ROI.

Mobile’s 9 unique benefits

Mobile really is different and there are 9 discreet differences between mobile and other marketing medium that makes mobile the perfect channel to build customer loyalty.

The value of social media and mobile opt-ins

There really is a value ($) to a Twitter follow, a Facebook like, and mobile SMS opt-ins. We show you what that value is, and how it impacts your business.

Understanding the mobile web promotions vs. native apps

There are two fundamental ways to engage a customer on mobile: mobile web promotions, or native mobile apps. Both have advantages, but one is far better suited to increase customer loyalty. Download the ebook to find out which is better and why!

Loyalty case study: mobile audience growth and remarketing

Read about our recent case study of our mobile web promotions to learn how other companies are building their list of loyal customers.

Whether you are new to mobile promotions marketing, or are already using it in your business, this eBook provides the information to help you grow your business through customer loyalty.


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