Bridging the Gap – New Ad Units Unify In-Store, Desktop, & Mobile Ads

FunMobility 5

We are pleased to announce our biggest platform update ever: FunMobility 5! Released with FunMobility 5 will be our new and improved ad units—making it easier than ever to create great mobile campaigns that do anything and run anywhere.

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FunMobility Ad Units from FunMobility on Vimeo.

3-Screen + In-Store Engagement

FunMobility 5’s new ad units have been designed to deliver a consistent message to consumers at every stage of the shopping process, in-store and out. Physical marketing media like signage and on-pack can be used to link consumers to the same unique rich media landing pages discoverable through expandable display ads.

  • Cohesive brand storytelling, in-store and out
  • Iterate 1 responsive landing page that links to display ads and in-store media
  • Compatible with SMS marketing campaigns

Raising The Bar For Responsive Design

    “The exact same ad tag can be served to a consumer on his iPhone, iPad, iMac, & MacBook—and it will look like it was designed specifically for each device,” – Hudson George, VP Product Development

While responsive mobile display ads have now become an industry-wide prerequisite, implementation has until this point been clunky and limited. FunMobility 5 Ad Units are changing this trend with a new type of responsive functionality—making full-screen, expandable ads that adapt for optimal display on any device, including desktop.

Responsive Design

FunMobility 5 enables cohesive advertising across devices and media channels.

Individual design elements in the ad unit’s expanding layer intuitively reconfigure and re-scale for different screen sizes and orientations. This functionality is built into the FunMobility 5 Platform, meaning there’s no need to design different ad creatives for multiple displays.

  • Automatically reconfigures design elements
  • Optimal display on any screen: Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop
  • No need to pack multiple creatives into one ad tag

Ad Units With Unique Versatility

    “The bottom line is this: FunMobility 5 offers really cool new ad units that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Lavine.

Photo Booth Ad Units, for example, incorporate the mobile camera into the post-click experience. Early results are extremely promising: a 70% post-click engagement rate, and 50% sharing to social.

Photo Booth Ad Units Funmo

FunMobility’s Photo Booth Ad Units drive brand value and social share, with 70% post-click engagement

At launch, there are already dozens of customizable rich media ad unit units available through FunMobility 5, each designed to target specific marketing/advertising goals with different rich media experiences—and the catalog is constantly growing to support new features and functionality.

  • Unique Ad Units not available anywhere else
  • Leverage mobile camera functionality within the ad unit
  • Dozens of different easy-to-deploy, customizable units

Read the press release

To learn more about what’s possible with FunMobility 5 Platform and these new Ad Units, visit


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