FunMobility Introduces Custom Mobile Rich Media Advertising

FunMobility Introduces Custom Mobile Rich Media Advertisng

FunMobility today announced two new design tools built into its Mobile Advertising Platform, specifically designed for the creation of custom mobile rich media advertising:

A Rich Media Advertising Toolbox, and a Built-In CSS Editor for advanced users.

Create Mobile Rich Media Ads, In Minutes

FunMobilty’s Rich Media Advertising Toolbox includes a wide variety of engaging pre-built ad templates, for quick and agile creation of HTML5 ads designed to accomplish any marketing or advertising goal. These mobile-first ads can leverage video, touchscreen functionality, GPS, and the mobile camera—and they take minutes to create.

Mobile Rich Media Advertising Toolbox

The Mobile Rich Media Advertising Toolbox offers a suite of mobile ad templates that can align with any marketing or advertising goal

Best of all, the different ad templates within the Rich Media Advertising Toolbox can be interlocked together to deliver mobile ads that offer deep and engaging consumer experiences, all accessible from within the ad unit itself (there’s no need to develop an app). There is no SDK (Software Development Kit) required, and no special technical expertise necessary.

Think Outside The Box With Custom Mobile Ads

FunMobility’s Built-In CSS Editor is intended for marketers and advertisers who want full customization options for their mobile ads. Every aspect of mobile ad design and functionality can be modified to suit any specification, guaranteeing cohesive brand messaging across marketing channels.

CSS Editor for Custom Mobile Rich Media Advertising

FunMobility’s Built-In CSS Editor allows for total customization of your mobile rich media advertising

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