Webinar: Become A Mobile Advertising Da Vinci (in 20 minutes or less)

Mobile Advertising Da Vinci Webinar

He gave the Mona Lisa her smile. He set history’s first helicopter in motion. And he inspired a mystery/suspense novel that was read by more or less everyone on earth.

But even the great Leonardo Da Vinci himself might have struggled to create mobile ad campaigns that stood out from all the noise in today’s over-saturated marketplace.

In this presentation, you’ll learn to build campaigns like a true Renaissance Master; campaigns that drive brand awareness and direct response in new and exciting ways.


“De-Code” The Secrets


  • Wow your clients with new features and functionality, using ads that integrate touch screen, the mobile camera, and more
  • Increase the reach of every ad, with a cross-screen, cross-channel solution
  • Encourage social share with display ads that drive User Generated Content
  • Measure your success for clients with trackable audience engagement strategies

Direct Response

  • Increase mCommerce conversions with improved targeting and redeemable offers
  • Optimize your landing pages to drive traffic, phone calls, registrations, and conversions at point of sale
  • Address Last-Minute Changes to creative and messaging with more agile design tools
  • Extend your campaign’s reach with integrated SMS, in-store, and social discovery


Hosted by Kevin AlmeidaHosted by:
Kevin Almeida
Market Researcher, FunMobility
(and author of this blog)


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