Latest Mobile News – May 12, 2015

(image courtesy of Opera Mediaworks)

Latest Mobile News – Headlines for May 12, 2015

Android not just leading in traffic, but now revenue

The State of Mobile Advertising Report from Opera Mediaworks has been released, and it looks like Android is the platform to beat in terms of both traffic and revenue for the 1st quarter of this year… Read more at Opera Mediaworks

Google’s Next Calendar Could Manage Real Life for You

Could someone make a calendar that cared not just about the stuff you have to do but also about the stuff you want to do? Could a calendar help you realize goals and build good habits and find time to hang out with your friends?… Read more at Wired

Mobilegeddon Is Beginning, Not Ending

The Mobile Friendly Update has now “fully rolled out” according to Google, but columnist Bryson Meunier believes this is only the beginning… Read more at Search Engine Land

China Leads in iOS App Downloads, US Tops in Revenue

China has overtaken the United States in app downloads for Apple devices but when it comes to revenue the U.S. continues to dominate… Read more at mCommerce Daily

Mobile devices are now the main source of Google search traffic

Google now gets more search queries in the U.S. from people using mobile devices such as smartphones than it does from people browsing the Web on PCs… Read more at Business Insider


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