Latest News: Mobile Analytics Tools Seeing Major Updates

Mobile Analytics Tools

Mobile Analytics Tools – Recent Headlines

Major mobile analytics tools are seeing upgrades across the board – and are changing the way brands, retailers, and agencies are able to effectively measure their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Check out some recent headlines:

The New Technology Advertisers Use to Track Everything You Do

By Dinah Wisenberg Brin (@dinahwbrin)

To better keep tabs on your online movements in the multiple-device age, advertisers are turning to cross-device tracking programs, which help them determine if, say, you opened your laptop to buy the product that was advertised on your smartphone… Read more at Time

Google connects more cross-platform advertising dots

By David Kirkpatrick (@davidkonline)

Google already offers cross-platform conversion tracking — someone seeing an ad on one device and making a purchase on another — for its AdWords ads. It has now added DoubleClick ads served on third-party sites to the conversion tracking mix… Read more at Marketing Dive

What Apple’s app analytics tool means for marketers

By Gilad Bechar (@BeGilad)

It’s only been a few short weeks since Apple launched its app analytics tool, but for mobile developers and marketers, it’s a whole new era… Read more at VentureBeat

Mobile Searches Now The Lion’s Share: 5 Tips Not To Miss The Boat

By Benjamin Vigneron (@sengineland)

This discrepancy is probably because some advertisers are still in the process of adjusting their websites and marketing campaigns for mobile. But perhaps more importantly, it is because they are still in the process of finding ways to better measure what mobile devices truly bring to the table… Read more at Search Engine Land

Appfuel ex-CEO explains why mobile adtech resembles hockey

By Barry Levine (@xBarryLevine)

Ads promoting other apps would result in reciprocal ads on those apps, thus allowing app publishers to cross-pollinate each others’ user base. If a very popular app traded ads with a less popular one, the Appfuel platform equalized it on the basis of traded impressions… Read more at VentureBeat


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