How To Grow Your Business With Mobile Coupons - Downtown Ace Hardware Shows How It's Done

Downtown Ace Hardware in San Diego is doing really cool and effective things to promote mobile coupons and build their mobile loyalty list.

My personal favorite is the register receipt, which is given to every customer:

Mobile Coupon and Loyalty - Increase Sales by promoting on receipt Grow Your Sales by Promoting On Receipt

We love the call to action on Downtown Ace Hardware's receipt: "Trust Us - It's Worth It!" They are right - it really is. Customers have a strong preference to receive mobile offers, and they are more likely to read and act on them. Convenience and great deals are what consumers are after.

And it's smart to put a call to action on your receipts. It's simple, cheap and has a huge payback. We calculated for a 160 location QSR that if they ONLY put a FunMobility mobile loyalty call to action on their register receipt and sent 3 mobile coupons per month that had a 2% open rate and 30% redemption rate, they could boost sales by $1M per year. Mobile register receipt calls to action are an incredibly simple, easy and effective way to message every single customer that walks into your store, and leverage mobile to inform them of special deals or relevant offers and coupons.

For Downtown Ace Hardware, however, the receipt was just getting started. They understand that by enabling customers to join their mobile loyalty list, they can send them targeted offers very cost effectively. FunMobility Professional Services provides all Ace Hardware dealers with a starter kit of in-store collateral ad creative, which Downtown Ace Hardware is using very effectively in store.

Check out some of their in-store examples below.

Dual End Cap Display Dual End Cap Display

End Cap Closer View End Cap Closer View

Counter Pad Mobile Loyalty Call To Action Counter Pad Mobile Loyalty Call To Action

Paint Desk Mobile Loyalty Call to Action Paint Desk Mobile Loyalty Call to Action

Key Desk Mobile Loyalty Call To Action Key Desk Mobile Loyalty Call To Action

If you live or visit San Diego, be sure to visit Downtown Ace Hardware at 675 6th Avenue, San Diego CA. They are open:

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm

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