Social Media Demographics 2014

Study – Social Media Demographics 2014

A recent study from Business Insider illuminated social media demographics for 2014 across major sites and apps. Marketers and advertisers take note: things in the world of social aren’t quite the same as they used ...

ROI Formula - Mobile Ads & Mobile Coupons

ROI Formula – Mobile Ads & Mobile Coupons

Here’s a straightforward ROI formula for calculating your returns from mobile ad campaigns that feature integrated coupons. We’ll be posting additional ROI formulas down the road to help you calculate the value of different types ...

Advertising To Millennials

Study: Advertising to Millennials

When developing your strategy for advertising to millennials—especially young millennials (born after 1993)—mobile ads should be the core pillar, not an afterthought. While it’s true that consumers of all ages are using mobile as an ...

What Are Native Ads

What Are Native Ads? The Core Six

As I already discussed in this earlier post, the industry at large is still struggling to come up with a concrete answer to the question: “What Are Native Ads?” Even the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), ...

Online Advertising Fraud

5 Ways to Reduce Online Advertising Fraud

Online advertising fraud—primarily in the form of bots designed to rack up bogus clicks on display ads—continues to pillage the digital landscape like a swarm of enormous mechanized mosquitos, draining advertisers of up to $11 ...


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