Top Minds Discuss Mobile Marketing Trends

Top Minds in Mobile Marketing Trends 2015

Mobile Marketing Trends 2015

We asked a veritable pantheon of experts — hailing from every part of the marketing ecosystem — to join forces and share their insights and advice on the evolving role of mobile marketing trends in 2015.

Inside, you’ll hear from brand marketers, CEOs, consultants, agencies, publishers, and tech providers — all offering new ways to re-think your relationship with the most versatile marketing channel in history.


Mobile Marketing Trends 2015

Get great, snackable insights from:

Chris Barton
Founder & Board Director, Shazam

Art Peck
President of Growth & Innovation at Gap

Laura Marriot
CEO and Board Chairperson, NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

Nancy Gibbs
Time Magazine’s Deputy Managing Editor

Michael Becker
Managing Partner, mCordis

Adam Lavine
FunMobility CEO & Founding Chair of the Mobile Coupon Standards Committee

Jeffrey Hayzlett
C-Suite Network TV Host and Chairman

Greg Stuart
Global CEO, Mobile Marketing Association

Dr. Madan Rao
Mobile Media Author & Consultant

Jamie Turner

Matt Sechrest
CEO, Waterfall

Caroline Lewko
CEO, Wireless Industry Partnership

Eduardo Henrique
Head of Global Expansion at PlayKids

Sara Hilliard
Senior Brand Manager, Nestea

Sarah Ohle
Director of Marketing Intelligence, xAd

Megan Clarken
Executive Vice President of Global Products Leadership, Nielsen

Scott Hudler
Vice President, Dunkin’ Donuts

Walt Greer
Vice President Product Strategy, Point Roll

John Caron
Chief Marketing Officer, Linkable Networks

Rebecca Roose
Senior Product Marketing Manager, MyWebGrocer

Joana Van Den Brink-Quintanilha
Author, Forrester Research

Andrew Higgins
Digital Strategist, Pixlee

Jason Fuentes
Head of Mobile at RadiumOne

Chris Cheung
Product Line Manager, Autodesk



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