FunMobility Releases DXP v6 – Digital Experience Platform for Marketing Cloud Providers

CPG marketers & retailers experiencing 3x~6x increased engagement across their marketing cloud with DXP-enhanced micro-moments

SAN RAMON, CA – September 28, 2016 – FunMobility, a veteran provider of digital marketing technology for brand marketers and retailers, today announced the v6 release of FunMobility’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP). V6 is a major upgrade to DXP that focuses on integration of an agile digital experience layer into existing marketing cloud providers such as IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, and Hubspot.

The new DXP enables marketers and retailers to create and deploy a variety of templated and custom digital experiences to engage individuals at key micro-moments throughout the day. Brands as diverse as PepisCo, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, ABC, Us Weekly, Chiquita, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Whirlpool are experiencing 3x~6x increased engagement, completion rates, and ROI with FunMobility DXP-enhanced marketing programs, including mobile, social, email, web, advertising, offline, on-pack, and event marketing.  


Integrating a Digital Experience Layer into Your Marketing Cloud


FunMobility DXP is now a fully-fledged integration platform with powerful tools for marketers, including:

  • Easy integrations with Marketing Cloud Platforms such as Oracle, ExactTarget, HubSpot, Marketo, MailChimp, Waterfall and InfoBip through DXP Connectors
  • Upgraded rich media ad tags that can be updated in real-time
  • Dozens of pre-built marketing templates (“Nanosites”) that enable marketers and developers to build deeply interactive landing pages in a fraction of the time
  • Analytics integration that pinpoints the most effective experiences that drive desired consumer behaviors based on spend

Consumers engage with digital content on mobile devices more than 30 billion times a day. Each one of these mobile moments shapes and informs an individual’s perceptions, preferences, and purchasing decisions. To succeed–to win–in today’s mobile driven world, marketers must provide individuals with engaging, entertaining, and unique digital experiences.

FunMobility DXP offers marketers a way to enhance each of those moments by delivering powerful brand experiences like games, recipes, videos, and interactive coupons. FunMobility DXP enhances every aspect of a campaign, from more engaging digital ad units, to more targeted and immersive digital experiences, to analytics that generate better ROI for the campaign.


DXP now enables digital “experience automation” by allowing brands to build up a library of branded, omni-channel HTML5 experiences that can be used across all digital consumer touchpoints. Because FunMobility DXP runs in the mobile web, experiences are portable and can be re-used in marketing programs across email, web, social, and paid media.


DXP now offers versatile publishing options, including Ad Tags, iFrames, and dynamic tracking URLs. It makes it possible for brands and retailers to easily create, demo, test, deploy, and manage a library of branded omni-channel experiences.


A key differentiator of the FunMobility DXP is its versatile utilization of HTML5, which was recently ratified by the IAB as the new industry standard for interactive digital advertising across mobile and desktop. The platform offers a simple user interface, enabling both creative and engineering professionals to quickly create, demo, test, and launch highly-engaging experiences. An open HTML5 sandbox module offers total flexibility, while dozens of turnkey marketing templates called Nanosites can be built without a sliver of coding experience, creating a repeatable foundation for delivering and tracking compelling content against even the most demanding of timelines.


“There’s really nothing else like the FunMobility DXP on the market,” said Jin Kim, Director of Business Development for FunMobility. “FunMobility DXP enables marketers to create, publish, and analyze marketing experiences across all mobile and traditional channels, including social, email, web, display, offline, on-pack, and event media. No matter how big your brand is or how sophisticated your martech stack has become, FunMobility DXP can make your digital marketing operations faster, more cohesive across departments, and – most importantly – more effectively engaging for the end user.”




Learn more about the FunMobility Digital Experience Platform at . For press inquiries, or to schedule an interview with FunMobility CEO Adam Lavine, please contact:


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