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Good, Better, Best Mobile Landing Pages

Ask any digital marketer out there: tool selection is critical. When it comes to building and publishing mobile-optimized landing pages, you’ll need a solution that’s flexible enough to create the user experience you want, but intuitive enough that any member of your team can use it, regardless of their experience with CSS and HTML5.

Depending on the time you have allocated for a project, & the capabilities of your internal team, you’ll either want to -

Take the advanced option:

  • Dive into FunMobility’s built-in CSS Editor, to create fully-customized landing pages

Take the accessible option:

  • Use FunMobility’s extensive Landing Page Library to quickly turn out branded content from a selection of pre-fabricated experiences

Or, maybe you’d prefer a solution that gives you the best of both.


FunMobility Snippets

Snippets are blocks of reusable HTML or CSS code you can insert into your landing page to add unique design elements & functionality. They’re a bit like the interchangeable outfits a child might use to dress up a paper doll. All you have to do is copy and paste the Snippet code, and the landing page automatically transforms — wrapped up in a sparkly new princess dress.

Here are a few examples:

Weather-Based Content

Programmatically load different content on different users’ devices, based on real-time local weather. Relevant content is automatically served to the audience that needs it.


Mobile Landing Pages Weather Based Content Snippet
Shoppers in sunny areas see a mobile landing page advertising sexy swimsuits, shoppers in the snow get ads for fuzzy mittens

Image Scroller

Give users a new way to explore and interact with visual content using the Image Scroller Snippet, which leverages the touch screen to navigate creative work that’s too big to be contained by the boundaries of the device.


Mobile landing pages Image Scroller Snippet
More interactive images = more consumer engagement

Sticky Footer

Let consumers scroll through content without ever navigating away from a conversion call to action. Sticky Footers hover above other content in a fixed position on the screen.


Mobile landing pages Sticky Footer Snippet
Keep your conversion call to action in view at all times

Checkboxes & Toggles

Make recipes, DIY, & how-to content interactive — giving users the ability to mark or toggle a list of items, then email the results in the form of a shopping list.


Mobile landing pages Checkboxes Snippet
Consumers can generate interactive recipes & DIY projects featuring brand products


To get a complete list of the dozens of design features & mobile-first functionality you can easily customize with Snippets, request a demo from FunMobility.

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