Case Study: Chiquita Newsletter Sees 4x Performance Boost

Personalized Email Experiences Learn how Chiquita's email team used contact-level tracking, interactive recipes, and user-generated photo contests to drive:

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Using Mobile Experiences to Increase Newsletter Opt-Ins

Email is a Mobile Channel Let’s just get this out of the way: email is a mobile channel. Across virtually every industry, the majority of email activity (opens & clicks) happens on the consumer’s mobile device. Yet, ...

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Just for Fun: Halloween Carnival Shooter

Trick or Treat! Enjoy the spookiest day of the year (and try to beat your co-workers' best score!) with this custom Halloween-themed game, built with the FunMobility Digital Engagement Platform (DXP).

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The 5 Rules of Digital Experiences for Your Marketing Cloud

  Free eBook Virtually every modern marketer already uses digital experiences in some form or another to communicate with their audience, but very few are using those experiences to full effect.   Learn the 5 often ...

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Your Brand is Going Extinct: Why Brand Marketers Need to Evolve

Recent studies show a proverbial meteorite heading for the world of brand marketing: 90% of the biggest consumer brands spent the past year hemmoraging sales. Here is a quick overview illustrating: Just how bad the ...

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