Carol’s Daughter Launches App Promoting Mobile Engagement and Brand Loyalty


Carol’s Daughter Launches App to Promote Mobile Engagement and Brand Loyalty

The consumer use of mobile phones is on the rise, and Carol’s Daughter has taken advantage of this opportunity to engage her customers and reward them for their brand loyalty.   Carol’s Daughter launched a new app that allows customers of this east coast-based beauty and natural hair care products retailer to shop, earn loyalty points and get discounts on their favorite beauty supplies by using their mobile devices.  The app, compatible with iOS, Android smart phones and tablets, was developed by FunMobility to reward brand loyalty and encourage mobile marketing engagement.

“Carol’s Daughter is proud to be leading our industry by filling this overlooked, highly in demand space. Our app will let you shop, get advice, and interact with the brand in a cutting edge, personal way.”  

–Richard Dantas, President of Carol’s Daughter

Users of the Carol’s Daughter app will be rewarded for engaging with the app by watching videos, taking interactive quizzes, and checking into store locations while earning loyalty points throughout their mobile experiences.


The Welcome Screen

Making a good first impression means everything, and the Welcome Screen on the app can be customized to highlight special marketing promotions, announce important events, or highlight special moments.

Interactive Quizzes

Customers who click on the quiz  are directed to short quizzes which match Carol’s Daughter products with the person’s specific personality, style, and attitude.

Each time a quiz is completed, customers will receive customized product recommendations based upon how they answer the questions. For each completed quiz, customers will earn points towards unlocking a coupon which can ultimately be redeemed for online purchase.


Informative Videos

To showcase Carol’s Daughter’s knowledge and experience in the beauty and hair care industry, the app contains a series of step-by-step informative videos featuring beauty tips and advice from professional stylists on how to style and care for hair.

As with quizzes, watching videos rewards viewers with loyalty points.

Check-In and Store Locator

A store locator helps customers find the nearest Carol’s Daughter retail locations and stores that carry their product line. Customers check-in to these stores to earn reward points towards coupons and deals.

Collect Rewards and Save

Rewarding loyal customers is at the heart of the Carol’s Daughter app. Reward points earned using the app can be redeemed for special discounts, savings and coupons.

The Carol’s Daughter app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play

For more information on FunMobility’s mobile coupon and brand loyalty solutions, visit


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