Video: 5 Step Guide to Starting a Mobile Coupon Initiative for Retail Business

How to start a mobile coupon campaign for your retail business

Welcome to FunMobility’s How-To Video for retail Mobile Coupons, a 5 step guide to starting your first mobile coupon initiative for your retail business.

Step 1

Log in to the FunMobility Marketing Suite with your username and password. Your first coupon template will be provided by FunMobility Professional Services.

Step 2

Create your first month’s offers and coupons. We recommend you use offers, coupon codes, colors and creative from existing print coupon campaigns, to make your mobile coupons as compatible as possible. If you have optical scanners in your stores, you can use QR or bar codes. If you don’t have an optical scanner, just use the same campaign codes you are using for your traditional coupons and incentives.

Step 3

Local Ace store using in-store signage for mobile coupon promotions

Print in-store marketing assets to promote mobile only offers within your store including:

1. In-store banners above registers
2. Provide stickers or buttons to store associates
3. Signs at registers and throughout the stores
4. Table tents at the registers

Step 4

Train your store associates to say something like “If you signup for our mobile only offers, you will receive $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more.”

Our clients tend to see major gains in opt-ins when they employ this simple, yet effective tactic. This is because customers love to save money and the only thing keeping them from opting in is a lack of awareness of the promotion.

Step 5

Promote your mobile coupons using existing or new marketing channels such as:

1. Adding mobile loyalty CTAs to your register receipts.
2. Print ad campaigns like circulars or inserts
3. Email newsletters to customers.
4. Social promotion to drive awareness – Facebook & Twitter
5. Mobile banner ad campaigns to attract new customers to your stores and mobile club.
6. Offline media campaigns including TV or radio.

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