IAB exec: Hispanic Millennials Are Early Adopters of Mobile Marketing

Hispanic Millennials Big Consumers of Mobile Marketing

Hispanic American Millennials are a more avid and consistent users of smartphones than any other millennial group, according to Univision and IAB execs. Millennials, as we have come to know them, are the holy grail of all marketing segment. They hold the key to both the present and future success of businesses across the globe. Their mobile consumption behavior is the perfect guide to understanding emerging trends in mobile marketing.

According to Univision and IAB executives at the 2014 IAB Mobile Marketplace, understanding Hispanic Millennials could unlock unforeseen marketing opportunities. This is further underscored by the rapid growth of the Hispanic population within the continental US. According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth, Hispanics’ economic clout will rise from $978 billion in 2009 to $1.5 trillion in 2015.

During the session “US Hispanic Millennials: Portraits of a Mobile-First Generation” key results of a recent study were shared. The research consisted of focus group sessions as well as qualitative one-on-one interviews.

“This is the first mobile-first generation…millennials are living their lives in a slightly different way than the rest of us because smartphones are such a part of their lives for such a long time,” said Joe Laszlo, one of the senior directors of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at the IAB, New York.

Why This Matters

Most Marketers will find this finding interesting because its relates to a high growth demographic who show a clear penchant for using mobile more than others. It gives marketers a glimpse of how mobile consumption might evolve over the coming years.

Interestingly enough, Hispanic Millennials have a unique way of looking at their offline and online world. To them, going offline means you are trying to hide from the world. Consequently, they see the online world as the visible world, and this may be a foreshadowing of how the world may come to see mobile in the coming years.

What do Hispanic Millenials do on their mobile devices

By and large Hispanic Millennials are big consumers of SMS marketing. They interact with SMS not just for personal communication, but also as a way to interact with the brands trying to market to them.

Hispanic Millennials, like most millennials, are also big consumers of social media. However, unlike most, they’re more drawn to Instagram and Facebook, while leaving behind Linkedin, Twitter, etc.


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