Click to Call Mobile Marketing Best Practices

click to call mobile marketing best practices

Smartphones are first and foremost intended to be used to make calls. Consequently, there are some industries that have mastered the art of click to call mobile marketing–auto industry is one of those–however, they are in a minority.

According to a recent BIA/Kelsey report, 66% of small to medium sized businesses deemed inbound phone calls as a good source for leads. Clearly click to call is seen as an important means of generating business leads, but certain problems persist. Still, as the mobile web continues to become feature rich, click to call mobile marketing will become more salient. With that said, here’s our list of best practices for success when launching a click to call mobile marketing campaign

Click to Call Mobile Marketing Best Practices

    Use a vanity phone number

    Consumers are bombarded with advertisements from all corners of their lives. Make your phone number stand out by spending that extra bit of cash to purchase a vanity phone number.

      Enable location capabilities and geo targeting

    When targeting new consumers, it’s important to serve different numbers based on the geographic location of the consumer. For example, 20 store pizza chain should serve up different click-to-call numbers across their mobile advertisements based on the location of the target that has discovered the mobile ad.

      Make sure you have a media buying plan

    Imagine there’s a quick service restaurant chain who wants to run click-to-call display ad campaigns for anyone who has recently:

    mobile marketing banner ad and landing page

    • Visited a competitor site or searched for relevant product
    • Is between ages 18-24
    • Is a male
    • Is within a 5 mile radius of the restaurant chain
    • During off peak hours of 2pm-5pm

    Highly targeted mobile ads can do that and much more.

      Create compelling banner ads and ad copy

    Consumers are more willing to participate and engage in mobile marketing if the value exchange is made clear up front. It’s imperative for marketers to provide the value up front as much as possible in order to gain clicks and engagement.

      Improve tracking and analytic with mobile landing pages

    Scion recently ran a mobile campaign where they placed the ‘click to call’ button inside a mobile promotion page rather than in the ad itself or in the banner. This not only proved to be a better way of tracking the effectiveness of the campaign, it also improved engagement, as consumers were 120% more likely to take an action on the landing page if they came through via the banner ad.


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