Latest Mobile News – April 7, 2015

Latest Mobile News Infographic April 7 2015

Latest Mobile News – Headlines for April 7, 2015

Infographic: Why Marketing with Mobile First in Mind Matters

A new infographic from Unified Social highlights the opportunities in question and explains why smart social marketers think mobile first… Read more at Mobile Marketing Watch

Papa Murphy’s heats up revenue-driving SMS program with personalized messages

Pizza chain Papa Murphy’s is stepping up efforts to integrate mobile with in-store promotions via more personalized text alerts and incentivized calls to action at more than 1,400 locations… Read more at Mobile Commerce Daily

Mobile Ads Will Smash $100 Billion Mark Worldwide In 2016

In a new worldwide ad spending report out April 2, eMarketer predicts that global ad spending aimed at smartphones and tablets will blow past $100 billion globally, reaching more than half of all digital ad spending… Read more at Forbes

Demographics Report – Men are actually more likely to shop on mobile than women

In a new report, BI Intelligence breaks down the demographics of U.S. online and mobile shoppers by gender, age, income, and education, and takes a look at what they’re shopping for, and how their behaviors differ… Read more at Business Insider

Do next-generation micro-location solutions address a market need?

“BLE beacons have stolen all the headlines but the reality is there are 10+ viable technologies out there looking to solve the indoor location platform,” said Patrick Connolly, London-based senior analyst at ABI Research. “ABI has always argued that BLE beacons are not…” Read more at Mobile Commerce Daily


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