Gamify your Marketing Promotion with Lucky Spinner

Watch Adam Lavine, Founder and CEO at FunMobility, as he demonstrates the FunMobility Lucky Spinner Promotion, which work with your existing email, mobile web or apps. You will learn how this great tool adds gamification to your mobile marketing efforts, to grow your mobile opt-ins list of loyal customers.

Companies throughout the mobile customer loyalty ecosystem use rewards for customers for being active users. Research has shown that rewards increase customer engagement, strengthen loyalty, reduce churn, and influence customer behavior.

As a marketing leader in your organization, you should understand that mobile customer loyalty programs drive opt-in growth, and engage your audience by enabling ongoing communications, relationship-building, and value generation with customers.

What is gamification

More than ever, customer loyalty programs should be a key part of the mobile marketing landscape, going beyond just audience awareness-building and one-off promotions and engaging your audience through gamification.

The FunMobility ‘Lucky Spinner’ SmartWidget provides for a fast, fun mobile experience, and gives your audience the chance to “win” mobile coupons. As discussed in the video, a SmartWidget outputs a flexible, configurable promotional mobile web landing page, which you can then send via an SMS, email, or through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or linked to any mobile website.

Key Benefits

The FunMobility ‘Lucky Spinner’ SmartWidget works on any iOS, Android or Tablet device without the need for an app download. It provides your business with another opportunity to engage your customer with a short, fun experience that ends in a reward, driving consumer engagement and action.

This powerful engagement tool enables you to drive improved click-through rates, customer engagement, and brand retention. Statistics show that engaging your audience on mobile devices increase redemption rates, grows your audience, and engages them conveniently, turning your anonymous and seldom shoppers into loyal customers.

Lucky Spinner can be combined with any mobile promotion such as a mobile coupon for distinctive, branded mobile promotion experiences.

The Bottom Line

Mobile customer loyalty strategies are not just an efficient way to reach today’s digitally-savvy audience, but also the most relevant way to engage with them. You build brand trust, and you have the ability to track the effectiveness of your marketing messages, and drive business growth.

Mobile is one of the, if not ‘the’, most important channels in the retail purchase cycle, and is proving to be an effective driver in attaining brand loyalty and affinity.

In a recent article, Mobile Mavens discuss How “Gamification” Drives Consumer Engagement, where they state, “as Gamification over mobile moves from buzz to reality, the market winners ultimately will be determined by the companies that fully understand the personal nature of consumers’ mobile devices, roll out time-sensitive game-like techniques that promote easy interaction, address the complexities of delivering a targeted gamification experience in real time, and segment their consumer audience to drive maximum engagement and conversion rates."

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