How to Coupon Like Bruce Lee: Agile Mobile Marketing

Mobile Coupons That Kick Butt

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“If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot… Be water, my friend.” - Bruce Lee


Everybody knows that Bruce Lee was the greatest. He was never the biggest guy in the room, but he understood the importance of being quick and adaptable in a fight. Those factors are just as important for marketers, especially today. Sure, there will always be a need for “Mega Marketing” campaigns (Super Bowl commercials, billboards in Times Square), but let’s be honest:


Modern consumers don’t digest media one Super Bowl at a time.


Today’s consumers engage with content at a positively insane rate. Social media, email, texts, web browsing, apps, YouTube, search — anyone who wants to keep up with consumer behavior needs to be like Bruce Lee. You need lightweight, adaptable content — “Agile” marketing content — that can be automatically personalized to fit the needs of individual consumers, and instantly published everywhere.


Mobile Coupons Publish Everywhere


Speaking of which: What’s the one thing that consumers carry everywhere?


Answer: Their mobile phones.


That’s why there’s so much hubbub around mobile coupons. It's why...

  • Mobile coupons average 10x the redemption rate of print coupons.
  • The keynote address at the 2015 Shopper Marketing Expo was all about mobile coupons.
  • A recent Nielsen study found mobile coupons are the #1 factor that sways purchasing decisions.




You don’t need an app to deliver fun & engaging coupons.

Thanks to the HTML5 standard, it’s now possible to publish interactive, multimedia coupons, anywhere. Things that were previously a challenge to deliver through the mobile web (animation, videos, games) can now be accessed anywhere you can place a URL.

To use Bruce Lee’s philosophy:

When your audience is on your brand’s website, your coupon becomes the website:


Mobile Coupons Website Agile Mobile Marketing


When your audience is reading an email, your coupon becomes the email:


Mobile Coupons email marketing newsletter


When your audience sees an ad, your coupon becomes the ad:


Mobile Coupons Banner Ads


When your audience gets a text, your coupon becomes the text:


Mobile Coupons Text SMS Marketing


Be like water, my friend.




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