Introducing the Customer Satisfaction AppWidget

Customer Satisfaction AppWidget

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are profitable ones. FunMobility’s latest AppWidget, Customer Satisfaction, allows marketers to quickly gauge the approval level of their customers by polling the audience with a simple, one-touch, color-coded survey.

With the Customer Satisfaction AppWidget you can:

  • Create customized questions and engage your customers
  • Learn more about your customers and gain insight into their thoughts and preferences
  • Deploy via smart push notifications
  • View actionable, real-time analytics
  • Capture data quickly and then segment for future campaigns
  • Customize for your brand through response icons and background images

Engagement and retention are key factors in mobile success but are also a constant challenge. The Customer Satisfaction AppWidget can help you earn customer loyalty by addressing their concerns or pain points.

Collect data from your customers as they use the AppWidget and then make it work for you, immediately, with real-time analytics. You can segment and target customer groups based on audience response to add value and personalization to the next content you send. Use push notifications to deliver a different survey for more specific information, a video or coupon relevant to audience preference or build audience loyalty by sending a greeting card as a simple ‘thank you’ for participating.

Customization of the Customer Satisfaction AppWidget is simple, allowing you to ask any question you choose and specify the response text. Then style the survey to suit your needs by adding a custom background and use either the default response icons or replace them with your own branded ones.

Watch a Customer Satisfaction AppWidget come to life, from the start of configuration to a live push in an application.

AppWidgets are the heart of FunMobility’s offerings. They are the lightweight mobile plug-ins that allow marketers to quickly and creatively add new features to their mobile experiences.

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