Mobile SmartWidgets

Introducing the Mobile Coupon AppWidget

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Mobile Coupon AppWidget. This AppWidget adds instant, new capabilities to your app that, in turn, drives customer acquisition, engagement, brand loyalty and monetization. The Mobile Coupon AppWidget ...


Introducing the Lead Generation AppWidget

Designed to capture data using a mobile-optimized form, the Lead Generation AppWidget can be used to acquire customer information through sign-up and subscription forms, quote requests any other user-completed forms. This AppWidget blends seamlessly inside ...

Introducing the Quick Survey AppWidget

FunMobility’s latest AppWidget, Quick Survey, is a powerful yet simple way to gather live responses from your audience or customer base, providing marketers with the ability to survey customers, collect responses and gain instant insights ...

Introducing the Customer Satisfaction AppWidget

Satisfied customers are profitable ones. FunMobility’s latest AppWidget, Customer Satisfaction, allows marketers to quickly gauge the approval level of their customers by polling the audience with a simple, one-touch, color-coded survey. With the Customer Satisfaction ...


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